Multifaceted artist. Viol player, vocalist and composer, specialized in early music, she opens doors to other styles such as jazz and world music, playing instruments such as the violone, the medieval vihuela and the esraj (a traditional Indian instrument).

A lover of the Renaissance, she embraces other arts such as contemporary dance, and theater and painting, honoring her idea of art as an interdisciplinary language.

Her training stems from a classical conservatory education (Professional Conservatories of Zaragoza and Seville and the Higher Musical Conservatory of Vigo), includes a Fine Arts degree from the University of Seville, an introduction to theater, training in improvisational music and playing the esraj at the Official Music School of Varanasi (India) and a master's degree in art and music education.

She has traveled the world, always with an open mind, seeking new colors and experiences and delving into different musical cultures with the aim of personal enrichment and artistic growth.

In the year 2013 she was awarded a scholarship, by the University of Seville's Study Abroad office, to teach music to children at an orphanage in Goa.

In 2014, she received another scholarship, on this occasion in San José de Chiquitos, Bolivia, where she was delighted to teach cello and conduct the Music School's children's orchestra. There, she also had the opportunity to travel around South America, learning painting, as well, with Pablo Ruiz. In 2015, she returned to India to study voice and sraj at the Official Music School of Varanasi.

She has performed in important national and international music scenes, and formed part of noteworthy early music and world music fesitvals. In the year 2017, she joined the bagpiper Carlos Nuñez's national tour, and shared the stage with the likes of Jordi Savall and Dulce Pontes.

In 2016, with her Caranzalem project, she released her first album, titled Caja de Música ('music box' in Spanish). In 2018 it was awarded honorable mention at the Aragonese Youth Institute's CREAR18 awards.

In 2018 she worked with musicians such as Imán Kandoussi and Abdelaziz Samsaoui, who introduced her to medieval language and the language of the three cultures. During this period, she co-directed two projects: the viol duo L'Animal Sonore with Pablo Romero, and Caranzalem with the flutist Elena Escartín, with whom she currently works.

In 2020, she exhibited her first abstract painting series Melifluo at the Sala El Pósit in Vélez, Málaga.

This same year, she began collaborating with the Aragonese group Biella Nuei and shaping her first personal project, Almalé, where early music meets jazz, accompanied by Thomas Kretzschmar (violin), Álex Comín (guitar) and Fran Gazol (percussion), three well-known musicians in the Aragonese jazz scene. This project released its first record, titled Híxa Mía, in December of 2021, produced by the Catalán record label "Segell Microscopi". This album presents jazz covers of early music as well as original compositions by Pilar Almalé. The pianist Lucas Delgado participates as a featured artist.

In 2020, alongside and under the direction of the ballerina Ana Continente, she also created the stage fantasy Claroscuro de Artemisia ('Artemisia's Chiaroscuro' in Spanish), an interdisciplinary performance which tells the story of the life and work of the Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi, the whole tale being narrated through the languages of theater, music and dance.

"It is said that the nomadic people don't have their own alphabet because a donkey ate the fresh lettuce leaves which they had used to wrapped up - in an excess of reverence- the letters which the gods had gifted them. Pilar Almalé speaks, dances, sings, paints and writes with this "selected light alphabet" - I snag the verse of a poet who is alive and I make it my own by paying homage to a classic- and she speaks what normally goes unsaid: enthusiasm for life, curiosity for one's neighbor, confidence in art, and hope in the world." Víctor Andresco. Writer and culture critic

 "The adjective multifaceted describes her to a tee. She is a professional viol player but she also sings and dances and acts and composes and paints and draws... Pilar Almalé, one of the most promising talents in Aragon (...) " The Aragon Herald



2021 Master's degree in Education specializing in Art Education from the International University of La Rioja

2020 Superior Grade of viol in the Music Conservatory of Vigo with Sara Ruiz

2015 Medium Grade of viol in the Music Conservatory Cristóbal de Morales of Seville with Leonardo Luckert

​2015 Fine Arts degree in Sevilla University


2014 Violoncello teacher and orchestra conductor in Oficial Music School in San José de Chiquitos (Santa Cruz, Bolivia). Fellowship from the International Cooperation Department of Seville University

​2013 Violoncello and music teacher in a Goa Orphanage. Fellowship from the International Cooperation Department of Seville University


2019 Viol masterclass with Cristiano Contadin. Conservatorio Venezia Superior Conservatory

Participation in “Violanet. European viola da gamba Network”. Viol masterclasses with Vittorio Ghielmi, Mieneke Van der Welden and Imke David. Superior Conservatory of Vigo

Participation in the II "Violanet European viola da gamba Network”. Mozarteum in Salzburgo. Masterclass with Marianne Müller

​2018 Presence to the conference in Jornada Formativa Musae. Madrid​

Improvisation workshop with Fahmi Alqhai and Rami Alqhai. Early Music Festival of Gijón

Viol masterclass with Bettina Hoffmann. Music Conservatory of Vigo

Violone study. Music Conservatory of Vigo​

2017 Viol masterclass with Christopher Urbanetz. Music Conservatory of Vigo

2015 Jazz course with Leandro Perpiñán. Music Conservatory Cristóbal de Morales of Seville

2013 Contemporary music study with Nuria Núñez Hierro. Estudio de composición de música contemporánea con Nuria Núñez Hierro. Music Conservatory Cristóbal de Morales of Seville

2014 Viol masterclass with José Vázquez

2009 Singing and african music course with Polo Vallejo. Profesional Music of Zaragoza

2008 Introduction to African music with Polo Vallejo. Profesional Music of Zaragoza



2021 Individual exhibit of the series "Melifluo" at Matisse riveracafé in Zaragoza

2021 Release of the album "Hixa mía" by Almalé with the record label "Segell Microscopi"

2021 Original composition and musical score for the show "Claroscuro de Artemisia" with Ana Continente

2021 Creation and teaching of a course about the connection between music and abstract painting at the Rey Ardid Foundation

Composition of music for the animated short "Soliloquio de Goya" ('Goya's Soliloquy' in Spanish) directed by Víctor Izquierdo


2021 Creation of a piece of music and dance with Laura López (ballerina) for the experience "Los sueños de Arada" ('Arada's dreams' in Spanish), with Trarután, directed by Nacho Arantegui

2018 Concert in Early Music Festival in Gijón as a musician of "Viajeros Medievales" ensemble. Conducted by Aziz Samsaoui

Early of Gijón with the course Viajeros Medievales ('Medieval Travelers' in Spanish) directed by Aziz Samsaoui

2017 Orchestra Concert conducted by Jordi Savall and Carlos Núñez in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Musician from the Pórtico de la Gloria Orchesta, giving a concert in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, under the direction of Carlos Núñez and Jordi Savall

2016 Viol player in the ensemble Veterum Mvsicae, conducted by Aziz Samsaoui. Offering concerts in Early music Festivals in Aracena, Andújar and Granada

2014 CD redcording. "Barrocos de Carmen" with Coro Maese Rodrigo. Sevilla

2011 Orquesta Barroca Cristóbal de Morales, conducted by Aníbal Soriano


  • Palau de la Música in Barcelona
  • Concert Hall in Panjim University  (Goa, India)
  • Noches en los Jardines del Alcázar (Sevilla)
  • Teatro Afundación de Vigo
  • Santiago de Compostela Cathedral
  • Granada Early Music Festical (FMAG)
  • Sainte-Amans de Soult Theatre (Tolouse, France)
  • Aracena Early Music Festical (Huelva)
  • Series of concerts in the Teatro Romano of Zaragoza
  • Teatro Central de Sevilla
  • Auditorio de Zaragoza
  • Museu du Guarda (Portugal)


Photography by @mariajett @ana_tao — Fashion by @malditamariafaldas