Almalé is Pilar Almalé's most personal project. Based on a repertoire of early music (Sephardic and Baroque music, as well as some of her own compositions), she fuses such styles with other music lenguages, such a jazz, flamenco and folk, resulting in a fresh and elegant sound. Together with the French violinist Thomas Kretzschmar, who specialises in jazz improvisation, Ernesto Cossío, a guitarist with a flamenco and folk training, and Fran Gozol, a jazz percussionist, Almalé achieves a plethora of sound and colour contrasts with very interesting repertoire for both listeners of early music and listeners of jazz or world music.



Caranzalem is a project/collaboration with flutist Elena Escartín. It is the result of experimentation by the two young women, who were born and raised in the same city in the north of Spain (Zaragoza), and who have studied in the south (Seville). However, their life paths did not cross until Summer of 2013 where, while in India, the had the opportunity to play together for the first time. Upon returning home, a lasting friendship grew and continues to these days. It is a journey to new worlds, but this time through music. Caranzalem performs world music with ancient instruments.



Ceci n'est pas Baroque or, "This is not Baroque", is a versatile formation of two or three violas da gamba players, who combine their instruments and their music (baroque) with other non-historical, but equally beautiful and pleasand music. They take their name from the famous painting "Ceci n'est pas una pipe" by Magritte, to stress that, although they represent baroque music, the artists are not only baroque-trained. A totally accurate historical interpretation of this music is all but impossible, but Ceci n'est pas Baroque considers this to be a virtue and, therefore, makes it their hallmark—the audience is not baroque either, which makes for an interesting mix.



Melifluo is Pilar Almalé's first pictorial series, related to musical concepts. In it, Pilar reimagines a world full of emotions, textures, symbolic elements and improvisation, as if it were a new work. To create it, she carries out a coding table in which she translates sound elements into visuals.


Photography by @mariajett — Fashion by @malditamariafaldas